Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lights on the Atlantic

Tonight was another amazing/shibby/awesome/shweet night with my best friend Karissa! It was a girls night for the two of us, something that is rare since the only time that we have time for each other AT the same time is only long enough to watch our favorite show Supernatural! But I'll discuss that significant part of my life some other time. 
We decided to get dressed up tonight since both of our men are outta town, mine in Montana, and hers in Honduras. One of our treats was going to a concert nearby of some local bands that was going to be happening in a barn about 15 min away from us. Three bands were performing and all three were really good! Each had their own kinda style as well as original songs!! Have you ever paid money to go see a band do nothing but cover music? I have! And it was a terrible decision. I had paid money to go see crappy imitations of pretty good songs.....*sigh* But enough of the past! Tonight was about originals and cute guys playing guitar! 

The bands that played are called Lights on the Atlantic, Your Favorite Coastline, and Next to Nothing. Lights on the Atlantic was the better of the three having had more experience and having wider variety. Karissa knowing the bass player of this band was able to introduce me to him, he was crazy and very hyper, no surprise. I am now a fan of their music, they're funny, talented, and locals (you gotta support the locals). 
After the concert was some good half off food at Applebees and singing along with the radio on the way back to her house. I love hanging out with this girl! She is everything a girl needs in a best friends; someone as equally goofy as you, knows your likes and dislikes, able to be serious, have spiritual conversations, sing loudly and badly to songs on the radio, and my favorite, we can get dressed up and have a girls night but we can also just be laid back and watch some good old Supernatural. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Favorite: CheeseBurger Soup

Alright! So ya'll already know that my all time favorite thing to make and to eat it is CheeseBurger Soup. It is just thee most delicious thing in this entire world. I can never enough enough of it. Anyway...I decided to do a real post about it with some detailed pics and the link to the recipe. 

Every single ingredient that you will be needing
for this heaven in a pot!

Ran out of cheddar cheese,
added some mozzarella, works just as good!

S'more What?!

Since being home I have really wanted to get more into following recipes; baking, cooking and learning more from my amazing mother, and all her little secrets! The most recent adventure was for a really simple recipe for cookie bars called S'more Bars! All you'll be needing is: flour, sugar, baking powder, butter, brown sugar, 1 egg, vanilla extract, graham cracker crumbs, salt, marshmallow fluff, and the best part....2 King Size Hershey Bars!
This recipe will leave you wanting some more!

The dough all mixed together...
Layering of the dough, chocolate bars, and fluff.
(2 bars fit perfectly into a 9x9 pan)

When layering the dough,
we found the best way was in pieces,
and then spreading it out. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Girls Night Brownies

For tonight's girls' night in I decided to make some brownies for my lovely roommates. I decided to put the chocolate chips on top, adds a nice crunchy layer to the gooyness underneath :D 

New Obsession

 This semester so far I have definitely become obsessed with making fruit smoothies for myself and for my roommates. So, I decided to honor all of you with some steps that I take in my making of the smoothies. :D

This is how mine look before blending it all.
I love the layers that you can see.
You want one fully tray of fish ice.
Or the equivalent of about 4-5 regular sized ice.
I love my shakes with lots of fruit.
I get these bags of Wyman's frozen fruit because
they are super cheap and are frozen, so they last longer. 
Great way to add some liquid is with some juice either frozen concentrate
or from a jog like this.
I used lemonade this time because we need to get rid of this stuff.
I prefer frozen orange juice (no pulp), get some Vitamin C in there :)
To get my calcium I add some yogurt.
The best choice for this is Vanilla,
it's a simple flavor and will add lots of cream to the smoothie.
Like I said, I love my smoothies with lots of fruit,
I tend to put the entire apple in it, I prefer green.
Make sure you cut the core out, the blender can't get every bit,
you'll be stuck with bits of apple core in your teeth (true story)
You might need to move things around a bit.
And of course right after I took the last picture,
an air pocket hit and exploded on me.
I had a good laugh.
After blending, ready to pour. 
And Voila!
Enjoy a nice Summer Mixed Berry Smoothie :D

4th at the Dunes

Happy 4th of July Everyone!
This week for 4 days, it was only my roommate Katherine, and myself! Everyone else ditched and went to Utah! Oh well, there loss, kinda.haha. Alright, so for the BIG holiday we decided to just relax the entire day and then end it at the dunes nearby. From the dunes we were able to see the fireworks from the nearby city, Idaho Falls. Surrounding us at the dunes were quite a few little bonfire parties going on, we may or may not have crashed a couple of them. At the end of the crashing however we found the highest dune for the greatest view and set up camp. For our holiday dinner we had cherries, the kind with the pits in the them...I can't remember the actual name, but they were delicious! At the end of the night it was a really amazing time with one of my closest friends out here. 

Drew a scary face in the sand.
We were thinking Day of the Dead, what do you think?
 Spent the 4th of July with my roommate Katherine
The moon was BEAUTIFUL that night!

Flash was just a wee bit too bright for the dead of night.