Friday, July 6, 2012

New Obsession

 This semester so far I have definitely become obsessed with making fruit smoothies for myself and for my roommates. So, I decided to honor all of you with some steps that I take in my making of the smoothies. :D

This is how mine look before blending it all.
I love the layers that you can see.
You want one fully tray of fish ice.
Or the equivalent of about 4-5 regular sized ice.
I love my shakes with lots of fruit.
I get these bags of Wyman's frozen fruit because
they are super cheap and are frozen, so they last longer. 
Great way to add some liquid is with some juice either frozen concentrate
or from a jog like this.
I used lemonade this time because we need to get rid of this stuff.
I prefer frozen orange juice (no pulp), get some Vitamin C in there :)
To get my calcium I add some yogurt.
The best choice for this is Vanilla,
it's a simple flavor and will add lots of cream to the smoothie.
Like I said, I love my smoothies with lots of fruit,
I tend to put the entire apple in it, I prefer green.
Make sure you cut the core out, the blender can't get every bit,
you'll be stuck with bits of apple core in your teeth (true story)
You might need to move things around a bit.
And of course right after I took the last picture,
an air pocket hit and exploded on me.
I had a good laugh.
After blending, ready to pour. 
And Voila!
Enjoy a nice Summer Mixed Berry Smoothie :D


Barbara said...

I am so very impressed with your tutorial here!! Awesome! And the results encourage me to make one myself! We'll make them together when you get home in TWO weeks!!!!!!

Laura said...

This looks really yummy. I love smoothies but my blender really sucks haha. We got it as a wedding gift.