Sunday, June 26, 2011

White Night

Saturday night we girls decided to treat ourselves after a hard week and hard day in the mud.
We got all dolled up and walked to a free concert featuring Brooke White!! For those who don't know, Brooke White is a Mormon singer who was in the final 5 of American Idol about 2-3 years ago. Her genre is kindof a country, pop sound to it. A band with a name that I can't remember was the opener for her. They were reallly good and I wish I could have bought there cd, but hey no cash. It was a really fun night with some of my girls and an amazing weekend all in all.

This guy chose the Worst time to look back, and it looks kinda obvious that he knew But decided not to delete it cause he just looked so priceless in this picture.
Katherine and I kinda had a thing for the drummer in the opener band, his name is Ben :)

Battle Wounds

This is what I talked about in my earlier post with the cuts on my ankle from the rocks in the mud at the games. Unfortunately this picture does not do it justice! It's darker and looks like a mini wolverine came and sliced up my leg. I don't know what I did to him, but knowing Wolverine, it was something personal.
After we had gotten all cleaned up, after the game, I noticed that the cuts weren't looking too good and were extremely hot, I asked my roommate Deanna if we had anything. She pulled out a nice, big, brown bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide!! I knew that if I didn't do anything that it was very possible to get infected and something bad happen.

I stuck my leg in the tub, grabbed onto the doorknobs, and waited for the pain to start! At first it was really weird, I didn't feel anything, felt like water. Literally 2 seconds later liquid fire was on my leg and I was very close to some certain terms. Deanna just started laughing at me which turned my pain into something more funny! It hurt like crazy, but we just laughed it off, cause when I'm in pain, I just say funny things.

I now have a battle story to tell all the guys here at school about and amaze them all with my injury. It's working quite well and I am taking advantage of this.hahah

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mud Volleyball Tournament

Today for two hours some friends and I participated in a mud volleyball tournament. It was one of thee most amazing experiences I have had so far in college! It was us against about 8 other teams and was pure fun the entire day.

The mud was deep and warm and had rocks in it!! Because of those stupid rocks, I got cuts all over my foot and ankle. I thought it was one cut, turned into three, turned into seven cuts! It looks like Wolverine came and sliced it up. Unfortunately we did not win a single game!! BUT we had loads of fun and got good and dirty!!

Before when were still clean and smelled good
After our first game, my entire back was COVERED! I went for a dive and slipped :/
After the second game, dirtier than before, didn't think that was possible.
After our last and final game!! I could not believe how dirty we were! It was an amazing time to spend with friends and other great students from school, and would love to do it again next year!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day with the Ducks

Sunday this week such a beautiful and HOT day that we all decided to do some service for the day in gratitude to our Heavenly Father giving us a beautiful day out of all the terrible rainy ones we had been having.

For our service project we went and fed some ducks/geese. We are guessing that they must have been really full since they hardly ate any of our bread ooorrrrrr it was because the breaed had gone bad about a month earlier. One of those two reasons.

Either way it was a beautiful day and a great way to spend the Sabbath with some friends. This is the right way to see the blessings the Lord gives us every day. Seeing the beauty that He has created for our lives and the wonderful people that we are blessed to share it with.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekly Lesson

I've learned this week that sometimes you can't be everything for someone. Unfortunately I learned this the hard way. I won't go into details about it. But I thought that this person and I were very close. Lately we've been somewhat distant from each other. I have been going through some growing chances and so don't feel the need to tell her everything that is going on in my life lately. She sees this as me getting sick of her and no longer liking her. I tried to explain my self to her, but should couldn't understand it.

After a weekend away from the apartment she returned and we were able to make up and become good friends again. We are not as close as we used to be, but at least we are talking again and are getting there a bit at a time. But this time will be different. I can't always be in her life as constantly as she wants me to be. We are too different. So even though I can't always agree with her ideas or her taste in guys, I'll still be there for her. BUT I'm going to remain myself, I can't change to simply agree with someone else's idea of a "right" person. I'm fine just the way I am :P

What Can That Be?!

I don't know if you can really see the blue marks on my legs.
Can anyone guess what they're from?!

Miss Peacock, in the Kitchen, with the Spoon!!

For quite a few days now there has been a smell in our kitchen. It has always always occurred while our dishwasher has been running!! We though that perhaps something had melted or gotten to close to the top of the washer. However we could not find anything!! :O

One day I smelled it once again!! I had to find it. I HAD TO! I emptied the entire dishwasher, checking all the plastic to see if it was in any way melted. Still I couldn't find anything. At last in the end of my search I found a WOODEN SPOON stuck under the metal ring at the bottom. Apparently it had fallen down, lodged its self in there, and we had never seen it til than. By this point we had done about 5 washes with it hidden there.

To go along with our stupidity of this spoon, I attempted to pull it out shortly after the wash was done. Needless to say the ring was still HOT. I burned my finger. :(
Showing how thin the spoon got while burning each time.