Thursday, June 28, 2012

Literary Project-Poem

Waves Crashing in a Stream

The waves crash against her heavy body
no, not waves, this is just a stream.
Yet still they crash, over, and over,
why won't they stop?
Does no one else see that I am drowning?
Perhaps they are in the same stream,
waves crashing against them.
We will struggle, there is no denial,
the how is what will save us.

In this small stream there are waves,
waves that can take us off course,
take us under the water where we lose our way completely.
Did she allow it to happen, was there a struggle?
He had lied about his feelings,
telling her there was nothing in him for her.
Crash goes another wave.
Her father had been killed in cold blood,
by the hand of the man who didn't love her.
Another wave crashes into her heavy body.
Soothing, will be the current,
and so she will allow the waves to carry her off,
in this little stream where there are no waves.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ingrid Michealson-Jewish, Indie Artist, Lover of Ukuleles

Alright, time for another music post. This time however, it'll be only one artist, and it won't be country. Although I am still very much listening to that! Ingrid Michaelson is the kind of artist that you could call Indie-Pop (Indie meaning Independent). 
Miss Michaelson is one of my favorite artists from this genre of music, always making her listeners feel calm or relaxed. Course there are always those songs that are more for the broken-hearted, but those aren't the usual tears all over the place, let's eat tons of ice cream. Her message for women with a broken heart is more of strength and that with time you can bounce back even better than you ever were with that guy.
Now Ingrid wasn't always the singer that she is today. She actually started out as being a director of film! A degree in theater was her education and it was what she had always focused on. However in high school a teacher of hers had seen the potential of her as a singer. Training her throughout high school, singing then became a part of her life to remain with her for forever, obviously. After college she tried her hand at directing professionally, but soon gave that up, and returned to her love for singing. Thank Goodness!

Something that sets her apart from other artists, she has a group called Army of 3. However this band isn't quite the same as others, it's only Ingrid, playing every part of every song. She doesn't always perform songs like this, only when doing covers of other artists. I mean, she can't possibly do this kind of performance on a stage of one of her own songs! Let's just say that'd be a lot of running....yeah I know, bad joke. One of my recent favorites of her covers as the Army of 3 is Gotye's over played song, "Somebody that I used to Know". There's the link if you would like to see the original, but fair warning, the singer is....semi naked. Yeah let's go with that term. 

One of my Favorite Songs: The Way I am
I actually learned this song on guitar, but it's been over a year now, so I don't quite remember all of the chords, and finger placements. If I remember it again, I'll make a video and post it on here, maybe. Anyway, in this song she sings about how she's an average looking girl with average qualities. She can't really give anything to him, but the things she can give are special, she can love him unconditionally. Because he is about as average as she is :) I just love this song for its simplicity and funny lyrics. 

I hope that you have enjoyed what you have learned and maybe even gained a new favorite artist to play on your ipod. If you're not quite sure about Ingrid Michaelson, other similar artists are Sara Bareilles, Regina Spektor, She and Him, and many others that are just as amazing as her. 

~Cliches in Mormon Dating~

Most of us have experienced these moments in our lives; the oreos on our car, balloons covering the bed, and many other so called original, and creative ideas for asking a person out on a date. Now, a lot of these activities are really cute, and almost romantic. But when it's the first date.....? Come on people, let's all be mature adults and go up to a stranger and ask them to their face. That's all I'm asking! Wouldn't you be a little freaked out if a kind of stranger came and asked you out on a date with a bunch of roses and a card with a poem with them? Usually these poems can lead a person to a secret location where they will find out who the date is with or something else. What if you're going to your death because you're thinking it might be that cute guy from your science class?? But you are so wrong....Now, as I said before, these kind of special treats can be well, special! But ya'll need to know the limits:
Asking by freezing cotton balls on car....

1. actually know the person.
2. know that they're into that kind of stuff.
3. be somewhat original, don't take ideas from a movie (trust me, the girl will know!).
4. don't invade the person's privacy in any way whatsoever! you will come off as a creep and remain thus, always being an inside joke with her girlfriends. 

Now, if you are blessed to have the person accept your offer of a date, Congratulations! You have just finished the first step of a hard process. Now it's time for the most difficult part of all, the actual date! Hopefully you didn't spend a lot of money on the asking part, cause you just laid a big impression on the person, they'll be expecting the best on the actual date! Cheap or not though, you have got to make a good impression dude. Look at what you've done already, you put tortillas on the woman's car! (true story). Now I'm warning you, I don't want to see any brownies night with a cute Disney movie to top it off. That's more for a fourth date, or something, when you're actually comfortable with each other. For goodness sakes be creative brethren!
How excited do they look huh??

I recently went on a first date with a young man that I have known for a while now, 5 years in Mormon time. We went latin dancing! Of all things for a first date, latin dancing, now don't get me wrong, it was a great time! It was something that took us both our of our comfort zones. It was a good place for us to be able to talk while at the same time having fun. Also everyone was on the same level, so comfort zone was broken, but we weren't surrounded by pros making us look like Napoleon Dynamite when he was first learning his sweet moves. After the dancing we went for a walk through the park close by. This gave us an even better chance to talk with each other. This is what I'm talking about people! I don't want to see the brownies, going to devotional (mini Mormon conferences), the all time cliche of a movie, and dinner, or anything even close to that. Be creative! This is your first impression of the person, unless you have a dynamite personality, you might need a boost in the activities department.

My Final Thought
These are a few of the many cliches of dating in the Mormon culture, some people are really into this kind of stuff. But when wanting something to be real, and last for a long time, you need to act real with the person, and do things that will allow you to see the side of that person that will be a part of your life for quite some time. Now, not every date has to be serious, have some fun, but don't waste the person's time either. One great way to see a side of someone is to make a dinner with them, in this you'll be able to see their cooking skills, and if the two of you work well as a team. This will also give you a chance to talk about each other and hopefully easy topics are brought up in your conversations. Dating at this time of our lives should be a time of learning of others but most importantly yourself. I have learned I don't want to date hicks or gawky geeks. Who knew?? Along with those realizations however, I know that in a husband for me there should be a sense of security, kindness, dorkiness, sense of humor, passion for all music, a strong testimony of the Church, strong love for his family, easy to talk to, and many other things! However if I had not gone on those dates that were memorable and the ones that even now put goosebumps on my arms from thinking of them, I would not know the things I know now. To go along with my cliche theme, "You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince!" So let's be serious about this guys, have some fun, but for goodness' sake, put the brownies away!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Another Poem...Happy Day!

This poem is from my Intro to Literature class, worked on it for a project, so there's a lot more to it than the chipmunk story. (That's for Staci!) In this poem it talks about fear and seeing it from another point of view.

Glory be to God
I have found him and he has found me.
There are those who are too comfortable in public affection.
But without that show we would not know of love's existence.
It is in beauty of the world that love begins; in sunsets and sunrises.
The darkness after though can bring fear. But its end is a beginning of beauty.
Some things that we don't like are as tangible as water or spiders.
Others are more deep than that, loneliness, doubt, and anger.

In all these things there is a beauty that can only be found when a person looks.
It is when we look, there is beauty in everything we do or see.
The emotions that plague us are what make us human, a gift from God.
There is life all around us because of the spiders and the water.
Darkness in our lives gives us hope for a better and brighter day.
See the beauty of affection, the show of love in this world.
Love is what will bring us together, conquer this fear in life.
Glory be to God.  

For Father's Day

I know that Father's Day was a few days ago, but you're not only allowed to honor fathers on one certain day! In this post I will talk only about my Daddio! 
I love you Dad!

Special Memory:

My little sister Julia and I were messing around in the bathroom one day, seeing who could slide the furthest on the slick floor that we had just cleaned, or simply dancing to the music blasting from our bedrooms. My dad came upstairs and by precedent we instantly thought we were in trouble. Instead in laughed with us in our game and joined in on the fun. He won the sliding contest and even taught us how to do the twist. My dad is an expert on the twist.

Lessons Learned:
My dad is a very wise and smart man, he has always been one in our family that we can go to, and learn a lot from. He has taught me that in life you should always be open minded to other people's ideas, views, and their cultures. Although our family is a Mormon family, I have always known my dad as reading books on other faiths. He wasn't wanting to convert, but simply wanting to know their beliefs, to better understand why, and what they believe. My dad's desire to learn about everything in this world, it has also given me a desire to know as much as I possibly can!

Love for Music:
If anyone knows my dad, they know that he LOVES his music! Music has become something that is a constant presence in our house. We have all come to love different types of genres, I am still getting hate for my new found country love (Country Rebel), but a lot of our love for music comes from our dad. He is a lover of old, classic rock! I won't be able to name all of his favorites because he has as many favorite bands as a ginger-head has freckles. But because of that love, we all now have a great passion for music, all types! 

How he is as a Father:
Dad is the one in our family who will be the most responsible when it's needed. If there is a crisis, he is the one who is always calm, and somehow always knows what to do. It is with him that we feel safe, that no matter the outcome, everything will be okay in the long run. On the other hand, Dad is one who has always been, and always will be a goofball! Out of the 7 of us kids, he is the one who will start dancing during the music of credits at the end of a movie. Whenever there are things going wrong in our life he will be able to show us how ridiculous we're being! I have come to my dad countless times in tears, he will listen, and give advice if needed, but more than not, he had me crying from laughter in the end. 

The Spiritual Side:
In our Church, we believe that a Mother and Father are both figures in a family that should take equal responsibilities, and always be able to balance one another in everything they do. My Dad has got that down to a T! He has always been able to be a great example for his sons in how to be a good priesthood holder and to show his daughters what we need to look for in a future husband. The spiritual testimony of my Dad has always been one to fill the entire house, even now at college in Idaho, I can still feel his strong testimony reaching me all the way out here. He is a spiritual giant in my eyes. 

Hamlet Video Project

For my Shakespeare class, we had to create a video based on our latest reading in class. I signed up for Hamlet and recently had mine shown in class. Here's the link to all those who want to watch it! Watch this video for a good laugh, historical lesson, or whatever! Also there is another video for the bloopers of our time together making the video. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I am a Chipmunk

Had to write a poem in my Literature class today, describing myself as an animal, I chose a chipmunk!
(Read in a fast how I talk.)

A Chipmunk:
I am all over the place
Why am I here, I should be over there!
Why did I come into this room?
Eating has become a task for me,
Stuffing my face as though it will never be there again.
When cuddling I like to be very, very small, curled up against a pillow.
I talk waaay way too fast.
The end....I think.