Wednesday, March 30, 2011

~I Want to See the Temple~

For the third and final day of our little adventure down to Utah, Melissa and I visited Temple Square. I've been there only once before, but it's still just as beautiful and breathtaking every time. We stopped by and went into the visitor center for a bit walking around a looking at the paintings. My favorite part was meeting two Sister Missionaries and talking about sharing the Gospel to friends and reading the scriptures. After that my other favorite moment was going into something called "My Heavenly Father's Life Plan".....or something like that!

In it there were about 6 different areas where you would sit down and watch a video. All the videos were about a family and their stories dealing with families being together forever. There were some moments where I felt like crying and really, truly, felt the Spirit there. It was a great testimony builder as always and hope I can go again soon.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Katy Get Your Gun!

As part of our weekend in Layton Utah, Cherlyann and Mike took us to the shooting range. I love shooting guns. It makes me feel cool :P

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trip Down to Layton

These are just some pics of the road trip down to Layton, Utah this past weekend. These ones are just of the trip down. The trip its self was a lot of fun. BUT the boys we drove down to annoying. They wouldn't stop talking about thee weirdest topics. I tried my hardest to not listen to the idiots. Other than that it was a lot of fun. I'll be putting up some pictures from the trip for the next few days, hope you all enjoy :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Red Riding Hood Review

recently i went and saw the red riding hood movie. it was pretty good but my friend and i were able to guess who the werewolf was straight from the beginning. all through the movie i was reminded of twilight.....a so called good girl falls in love with the bad boy in town even though he family wants her to marry the good guy who has all the good things any girl could want. after seeing it i thought that it was pretty cool, but talking it over with my friends i realized how FUNNY AND RIDICULOUS the whole movie was. i wont say any details in case any of you want to see it, but just think of it as funny and you will laugh the whole way through. and also the ending.....very predictable. overall it was good, but not worth going to the theater for.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Laser Pointers, Puppy Chow, and a Cop

Friday night my friends and i were just having a good old fashioned fun night together. Eating puppy chow, watching hot rod, and lots of other junk food. One friend had brought over some laser pointers. In the spirit of good clean fun we started to point the lasers at people who were passing by. These folks took it in good spirit: jumping up and down and wanting us to point it at them. But being smart we did NOT point it at cars passing by. I mean, that's just stupid. hahaha
Unfortunately a cop car was passing by and saw our lasers....when we saw him pull into our parking lot we knew he was there to take us downtown. No just kidding, there was some scrambling around but when the cop came in we just explained that we had done it as a joke and not to harm anybody. Apparently if people see a laser pointed at them they think they're going to get shot. Even if that laser is purple and green....
But anyway we didn't get into any real trouble just really a slap on the wrists for it. But as my mom said when i told her this story and she was laughing, every college kid needs to have a cop story. This one's mine :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Boise....Oh Boise!

For this past weekend my roommate Melissa and I drove up to Boise and stayed with her family. It was a very long drive. just about FOUR HOURS. thankfully we had our awesome music to keep us entertained and lots and lots and lots of stories.
Day One: babysat some kids for about three hours or so. Got 20 bucks during it all, and you all know where that's going. LAUNDRY QUARTERS! The kids were super sweet and of course lived in a huge house. After that was quite a bit of site seeing,a big totally deserved cheeseburger, and than at last ending up on the couch watching/falling asleep during a movie.
Day Two: Melissa and her friend Clarissa INSISTED that i try a place called Coast Vida for lunch. I decided to be healthy and get the sweet pork salad. it was soooooOOOOO good. Later on we headed over to Melissa's old roommate's who's name is Katie and visited her husband and three girls. I loved this family. They were very warm and welcoming to me and the girls were so ADORABLE! Melissa told me that Isabelle was asking about me the next day! Staying there til later that night we had a barbecue and watched the Bachelor. Yes we did watch that. it was fun :)
Day Three: We went to church that day of course and it was fun. I was able to meet some friends of Melissa's friends and family friends. they were all very nice to me as well and it was a fun sunday all in all. We went and visited Katie til later that night and we had to leave for the long drive home.
It was a wonderful trip and i'm really glad that i went. it was a great experience for me to have of going to a city that i've never been to and not know anyone except for my roommate. She and i had a great time together and i hope that we can have many more experiences like this :)

Rest In Peace Judy Augustus Clement

Last night one of my very good friend's mom was killed in a car accident. The man who did it was trying to get away from the cops and had run a red light. She died later on in the hospital.
This woman was a very special woman. She was THEE band mom of all band moms. Always taking care of the students and always with a smile on her face. One of my fondest memories is of her standing in the middle of the band as we had to march around her. She was so small that she had to reach her arms up high just to get us all in the video she was making.
A joy to all people she met and never a mean word for anybody. It was a privilege to know her and I will miss her very much.
Please keep the family in your prayers. They are a wonderful and strong family but will need all the love and strength they can receive from our Father right now.

Monday, March 14, 2011

~Let's Go Fly A Kite~

Let's go fly a kite
Up to the highest height!
Let's go fly a kite and send it soaring
Up through the atmosphere
Up where the air is clear
Oh, let's go fly a kite!

last night for Home Evening, my group and i FLEW KITES! i can't remember for sure, but i think it was the first time ever that i had flown a kite. it was sooo much fun :
we had barbie, tranformers, buzz lightyear, ariel, and so
me others that i can't remember.

after flying for an hour or so we went back to us ladie's apartment and hung out and made pizza from scratch! it was soo good.we were able to make it stuffed crust by putting cheese sticks in the top and than just rolling over the dough.

the whole night was so much fun! i really do love our group of people. we all get along really well and always have a fun time.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Roommates

these are my closest and bestest freiends out here in BYU-I.

we do crazy stuff together...
some of the best moments in our apartment is basically tackling Evelyn, sitting on top of Katherine, tickling Emily, making fun of Deanna, and getting ice cream with Melissa randomly.

The First of Many

the blog.
it's something that i've never really done. my family has had one for years. but now that i'm on my own in college, i feel that i need to create my own. all day things happen to me. i can't always put these things on facebook and i can't write an entire story in my status.
so this is why i've started this blog. i need to get my thoughts out. my worries. my ideas. the happy moments in my life. i want to show you the world through my mind.